QUADS is offered in the Spring and in the Fall each year. Dates will be posted 3-4 weeks prior to the start date.

Quads League Description

Purpose:                              To provide good fun and fellowship through the game of doubles tennis for all members of the Sequoyah Tennis Association.

Format:                                Doubles (regular scoring)

Start/End Dates:               Play begins on (start date) and continues for 6 consecutive weeks ending (end date.)  Rain outs are not made up.  (Play starts and ends on a date certain.)

Time:                                    Play begins promptly at (time.)  All players should arrive 15 minutes early for warm-up including serves.  Any player arriving past the start time forfeits warm-up time and is docked one game point for every minute late.

League Fee:                       $15 per player.

Court Assignment:          Players are assigned a court on the first day of play based on their individual NTRP rating.  Top rated players 1-4 are assigned to Court 1; players 5-8 are assigned to Court 2; players 9-12 are assigned to Court 3; etc.  After the first day of play, court movement is determined by a player’s individual performance.  Depending on their individual score for the day, a player may move up one court, down one court, or stay on the same court the following week (see Court Movement for details.)

Order of Play:                    Each week, all courts receive a score card with each player’s names and positions.  Play proceeds in three rounds with each player partnering once with each of the other three players as follows:

Round 1 – Players 1 & 4 vs. Players 2 & 3

Round 2 – Players 1 & 3 vs. Players 2 & 4

Round 3 – Players 1 & 2 vs. Players 3 & 4

Each round consists of 8 games with each player serving in rotation, twice per round.  Player 1 always serves first.

Scoring:                                At the end of each round, each player’s individual games won are recorded for that particular round and then partners are switched to begin the next round and play proceeds as before.   At the end of all three rounds, each player’s individual games won for all three rounds are totaled.

Court Movement:           The player with the most games won after three rounds will move up one court the following week.  The player with the least games won will move down one court the following week.  The other two players will stay on the same court the following week.  In case of a tie, the player higher on the card will move up one court; the player lower on the card will move down one court.  Each week, each court will lose two players (the winner going up to the next court and the loser going down) and each court will gain two new players (the loser from the court above and the winner from the court below).  Exception:  each week, Court 1 loses only one player going down and receives one player coming up.  Likewise, the last court loses only one player going up and receives one player coming down.

Substitutes:                       Each player is responsible for their own position.  When a player has a conflict, the player is responsible for finding a similarly rated substitute to play in their place.  The Local League Coordinator is not responsible for finding substitutes.  A substitute list will be provided to all regular players at the beginning of the season.   A substitute cannot move a player up to a higher court but a substitute can move a player down to a lower court.  If a substitute wins the most games, the next regular player with the most games won will move up to the next court the following week.  For cumulative scoring purposes, the player who has a substitute receives only one-half credit for the number of games won by their substitute for that day.

Failure to Play:                 If a player fails to play and fails to provide a substitute for any reason, leaving three other players without a fourth, that player is automatically dropped to the last position on the last court the following week.  If the same player fails to play and has no substitute a second time, that player is dismissed from the league for the duration of that season and for the following season.  No exceptions.  The Local League Coordinator will be responsible for finding another player to play in the dismissed player’s place for the duration of that season.

Share-A-Spot:                   If a player worries that they may need a substitute on several occasions during the season, the player may opt to share a spot with another player.  The two players alternate weeks of play as they choose and move up/down the courts as if they are one player.

Season Winner:               At the end of the season, the player with the most cumulative games won (no matter what court they are on) is pronounced “Most Points Won” Season Winner.  The top player on Court 1 is pronounced “Top of the Court” Season Winner.  Only players with competition (two or more players) at their USTA level are eligible for these awards.

Responsibilities:              The Sequoyah Tennis Association is responsible for promoting the league to its membership through direct mail; email; phone messaging system and word of mouth.

                                                The Local League Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Scheduling the Quads season start/end dates, time and location in conjunction with the Sequoyah Tennis Association’s annual calendar.
  • Registering interested players
  • Collecting league fees
  • Assigning initial court positions based on NTRP rating
  • Posting “Substitute List” in Tennis Center
  • Organizing “First Week of Play” social
  • Providing tennis balls for all courts each week
  • Providing updated score cards for all courts each week
  • Posting cumulative score sheet in Tennis Center house each week
  • Securing and distributing “Season Winner” bag tags

Score Card Examples


Court 2 Score Card AFTER week one play:

                                                                Round 1                   Round 2                   Round 3                   Totals                      Next Week:

1.  Tina Topspin                                      5                              4                              6                              15                            goes up to #4 Court 1

2.  Lucy Lobber                                       3                              4                              6                              13                            stays

3.  Francis Forehand                             3                              4                             2                                9                            goes down to #1 Court 3

4.  Sally Slicer                                         5                              4                              2                              11                            stays


Court 2 Score Card BEFORE week two play:

                                                                Round 1                   Round 2                   Round 3                   Totals

1.  Patty Poacher                                     (lost last week and came down from Court 1)

2.  Lucy Lobber                                       (stayed from last week)

3.  Sally Slicer                                         (stayed from last week but moved up one position on card)

4.  Bertha Backhand                               (won last week and came up from Court 3)


Court 2 Score Card AFTER week two play:

                                                                Round 1                   Round 2                   Round 3                   Totals                      Next Week:

1.  Patty Poacher                                     3                              2                              3                                8                            goes down to #1 Court 3

2.  Lucy Lobber                                       5                              6                              3                              14                            ties, goes up to #4 Court 1

3.  Sally Slicer                                          5                              2                              5                              12                            stays again

4.  Bertha Backhand                              3                              6                              5                              14                            stays


Court 2 Score Card BEFORE week three play:

                                                                Round 1                   Round 2                   Round 3                   Totals

1.  Tina Topspin                                      (must have lost in week two, back down from Court 1)

2.  Bertha Backhand                              (tied for first last week but was lower on the card; moved up two positions on card)

3.  Sally Slicer                                         (stayed from last week)

4.  Vicky Volleyer                                   (won last week and came up from Court 3)


Follow Bertha Backhand…over three weeks, she has played well and made consistent progress up two courts playing with 8 different partners.  Now follow Patty Poacher…she is off to a slower start moving down three courts in three weeks and she’s gotten to play with 9 different partners.

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